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David Chandler OAM, NSW Building Commissioner, is driving crucial reforms to transform the industry.

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As an industry practitioner for over 40 years, I’ve been an unapologetic advocate for the transformation of the NSW building and construction industry.

There is no doubt that community confidence in our industry has been undermined. While there are many good operators, the performance of some has attracted the attention our industry is receiving.

We need to reset this, and we can only do this by significant, evidence-based systemic change.

As Building Commissioner, it’s my role as a leader and an advocate to drive crucial reforms to transform our industry, but I can’t do it alone. I will be relying on a strong collaboration with industry, government, educators and consumers to make this happen.

Regulation and compliance are a centrepiece to this picture - but they will not solve all our issues.

We need to see a change in our industry's culture, and that culture needs to be one of accountability and pride. Our industry must be accountable to regulators, the broader market and particularly the customer.

Outdated industry workplace practices and models of operation are no longer relevant in our current environment. We need to redefine how we operate as a customer-centric industry and one which attracts the next generation of construction professionals.

There are many areas to focus on. For example, let’s look at how our national building standards can best serve as an enabler for the industry. Let’s also look at how we manage building contracts and how to strengthen performance rating systems.

This is also an excellent opportunity to explore how we can adopt modern technologies to better manage building construction. This should enable a more transparent and trustworthy platform of activities throughout the construction process, lifecycle and capturing the inputs of suppliers, materials, companies and workers involved in projects.

I’m also committed to understanding perspectives of homeowners undergoing hardships with properties with substantial defects relating to structure, waterproofing, fire rating and enclosure.

I will be working towards a more confident future. I invite you to join me in this exceptional opportunity offered by the NSW Government to change the way we think about building and construction in NSW.

The transformation won’t be easy and will require everyone’s cooperation and support. I will be consulting with the community, all levels of government, as well as the private sector, including insurance companies, banks, infrastructure and construction companies, material producers, other professionals and of course customers.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform our industry. Together, let’s create an environment where future generations are confident in the quality of construction, the security of their investments and the prospect of great places to live.

To deliver on these aspirations, please engage with me to help build strong foundations for the future. Please continue to visit this website for updates and progress on these priorities.

Engage with the Commissioner

Use this contact form if you have experience dealing with buildings that have substantial defects relating to structure, waterproofing, fire rating and enclosure: The Building Commissioner is keen to hear your perspective.

Use this contribution form if you would like to make a contribution towards creating a more confident, customer-facing construction industry. The Building Commissioner is keen to hear your suggestions.

Advice and support

These agencies provide a range of support and advice services to assist with building related matters.

NSW Fair Trading

Fair Trading provides services and advice for purchasers, renters and owners regarding home building complaints

There is also specific assistance for:

Mascot Towers assistance package

Opal Tower information for residents and landlords


To notify an incident involving serious injury, illness, death or a dangerous incident in a building site call SafeWork on 13 10 50 immediately.

For more information, visit SafeWork

Home building compensation scheme

Home building compensation (HBC) cover – formerly known as home warranty insurance – is an important consumer protection for homeowners in NSW.

It helps homeowners if their builder is unable to complete building work or fix defects because they have become insolvent, died, disappeared or had their licence suspended for failing to comply with a money order made by a court or the tribunal in favour of the home owner.

For more information, visit the State Insurance Regulatory Authority

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