Publications and reports

We produce a wide range of publications and resources for the public and government agencies.

Annual Reports

Annual reporting is an integral part the Government’s corporate governance framework, describing the achievements, performance, outlook and financial position of agencies for each reporting year.

Process review - production of Photo Cards by Service NSW

In April 2017, Service NSW experienced a process break-down in respect of the production of Photo Cards which resulted in a number of cards being mailed to incorrect addresses. As a result of this incident, the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) engaged Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) to conduct an independent "end-to-end" review of the Photo Card production services processes, with a view to improving and strengthening them in order to prevent future incidents.

Action Plan Progress Reports

We have created an action plan in response to a NSW parliamentary committee’s inquiry into bullying at WorkCover. The Inquiry’s recommendations that were supported by the Government will continue to be implemented across WorkCover’s three successor entities: the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), SafeWork NSW and icare. These reports provide progress against the actions.

Benefits Realisation Management Framework

The Benefits Realisation Management Framework provides best practice principles and concepts drawn from proven practice in setting up and managing programs that are transferable across NSW agencies.

Collaborative Economy

New research into the collaborative economy in NSW has found that the sector has grown significantly over the last 12 months in terms of revenue, increased competition and business innovation.

The collaborative economy, sometimes called the sharing or peer-to-peer economy, links customers directly with providers typically through online and mobile platforms.

Online Forms

This page contains online forms for DCS small business registration, enquiries and feedback, domain name registration and amendments.

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