Green Slips

The Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Green Slip scheme is now structured to better support people injured on NSW roads while also reducing the cost of Green Slips.

It now takes less time to receive payments, and an increase of benefits will be provided to the most seriously injured road users. It also reduces opportunities for claims fraud and exaggeration.

Under the current scheme all injured people, regardless of fault, will be entitled to up to 6 months of:

  • weekly income payments (if time off work is needed)
  • medical and treatment expenses
  • commercial attendant care (for help needed around the home).

Benefits can continue beyond 6 months for those who have more than minor injuries and who were not at-fault in the accident.

Around 7000 people a year are considered to be at-fault and under the previous scheme could only claim a maximum of $5000 for combined medical expenses and loss of income. Being at-fault can be the result of an unfortunate situation such as a momentary lapse in concentration, being blinded by the sun, or hitting a kangaroo on a country road. The new scheme provides significantly more support for injured people who were at-fault in the accident.


For motor accident compensation enquiries, please contact CTP Assist by email or call 1300 656 919 between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

You can read more on Green Slips online at: Green Slips

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