Unclaimed money

Could you be one of the thousands of people in NSW who are owed unclaimed money?

Revenue NSW estimates there is $152 million sitting unclaimed from deceased estates, share dividends, bonds, overpayments and other sources.

The close to 430,000 unclaimed parcels of money have come from a variety of government agencies, private companies, local councils, and State Trustees.

Revenue NSW holds this money indefinitely until it is claimed. It sits with Revenue NSW because the owners’ contact details are out of date and we haven’t been able to track them down.

The individual parcels of money range from $20 in share dividends, to a trust fund worth more than $1 million.

Checking whether any of this unclaimed money belongs to you is easy. Just use the free search tool on the Revenue NSW website.

You can also visit any Service NSW centre and speak to a staff member who will conduct an online search for you.

By spending a few minutes checking, you could walk away with some money you never knew you had.

Search and claim lost money

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