Fuel price check

NSW Fair Trading’s FuelCheck app gives you real-time information and comparisons on where to find the cheapest fuel across NSW.

With more than 570,713 drivers and 2512 stations registered on the app, the best prices are just a click away for iOS and Android users. FuelCheck is also available on the web.

FuelCheck is not just a comparison site. The service allows users to:

  • get directions to service stations across NSW
  • search for fuel types and brands
  • report mismatching prices at the pump.

The ease of reporting price mismatches (when the price advertised on the app does not match the price offered instore), is one of the best features of the FuelCheck app.

Sometimes a price mismatch occurs when the service station is having technical problems with internet or electronic devices.

Our Fair Trading officers therefore encourage drivers to notify the operator service station officer in the first instance. If unsuccessful, drivers can report the mismatch through the FuelCheck app or on the web.

If you are yet to benefit from the FuelCheck app and its services, visit FuelCheck online or download the app onto your iOS or Android device today!

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