Easy to do business

Get free access to trusted and tailored guidance to run and grow your business

By the Customer Experience Unit

Easy to do business

The Customer Experience Unit supports customer initiatives through helping agencies understand customer needs to providing expert advice on implementation. This is a program we have supported.


Previously, information for citizens wanting to start a business was fragmented and difficult to decipher. Small business owners in NSW faced significant barriers to starting, running or growing their business.

What the NSW Government did

We have introduced ‘Making Business Easier’ which is a digital platform providing one central source of information and a free dedicated business concierge to help you navigate through your small business requirements across three levels of government.

What was achieved

The service provides business owners with a trusted source of information, offers tailored guidance and a simple online dashboard to engage with government as they start their business journey. This is giving small business owners the confidence to open their business faster while saving them time and money.

For this initiative, Service NSW was a finalist in Australian Digital Transformation Agency’s 2019 Digital Awards in the category ‘Outstanding digital methodology or approach’, and in the ACS Digital Disruptors Awards.

Watch the video below or visit Making Business Easier to learn more.

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