Customer satisfaction index

The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey measures customer and business satisfaction on an annual basis

We all interact with government services daily, from driving on our roads to catching the train, visiting a museum, or sending our children to school.

In NSW, residents and businesses conduct more than 40 million transactions with the government each year, which is why it is important that government services are accessible to all and easy to use.

With so many interactions each year, it is crucial that the quality of them must be kept to a high standard and always evolving to meet customer expectations. With the private sector driving modernisation of services with new and emerging technologies, customers of any service provider expect continuous improvement - government is no exception.

In many instances, satisfaction with government services exceeds the private sector: In 2018, the NSW Government's Customer Satisfaction Index was 78.9/100 for consumers and 78.2/100 for businesses.

NSW Government agencies have been listening to its customers and are working together to put customer feedback into action by:

  • providing customers with a simple online tool, Feedback Assist, to give feedback directly to government
  • implementing targeted initiatives that address key opportunity areas for improvement, such as simplifying processes, improving access to information, and enhancing staff capability
  • sharing best-practice between agencies to make customer satisfaction central to service delivery.

The NSW Government is prepared to meet and exceed customer service expectations.

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