Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority protects consumers by improving professional standards.

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) supports the Professional Standards Councils of each state and territory to lead the national system of professional standards regulation.

As the national regulatory agency of the Professional Standards Councils, the authority takes pride in working to make a positive difference in the standards and protections available to Australian consumers of professional services.

The PSA supports the work of the Professional Standards Councils by:

  • working with professional associations to help them develop self-regulation initiatives, improve their professional standards, meet their self-regulatory commitments, comply with their legislative obligations, and protect consumers of professional services
  • providing information to help associations apply for a Professional Standards Scheme
  • providing expert advice and administrative support to the Councils
  • conducting and promoting research and education in professional standards and regulation
  • developing policies and regulatory guidance in the areas of professional standards, codes of ethics and practice, continuing occupational education and risk management to improve the standard of services consumers receive.

The PSA delivers regulatory services including:

  • supervising 17 schemes across Australia covering accountants, valuers, computer professionals, surveyors, solicitors and barristers
  • monitoring scheme compliance, including reporting and analysis
  • working with associations to improve their members’ professional standards and risk management
  • when issues arise, liaising with associations and other stakeholders regarding remediation.


For customer service enquiries, please email or call 02 8315 0800 between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

You can visit the Professional Standards Authority website at:

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