Customer Service Commission

The NSW Customer Service Commissioner works with NSW Government departments and agencies to ensure customer perspectives are at the heart of policy and service design, funding, delivery and evaluation across the public sector.

Glenn King is the NSW Customer Service Commissioner as well as Secretary of the Department of Customer Service.

The Customer Service Commissioner has worked with the NSW public sector to deliver for citizens by:

  • making it easier to access services through Service NSW Centres
  • making it easier to find and access more than 70 rebates and savings through the Cost of Living program
  • making it easier to navigate the complexity of running a business through the Easy To Do Business program
  • making it easier, better and faster for customers to provide feedback to the NSW Government
  • providing the people of NSW with an opt-in, electronic version of their NSW driver licence available on a mobile device.

More information

You can view information about the role and commitment of the Commissioner at: NSW Customer Service Commissioner

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