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    Consultation period: 04/05/2020 5:00 am to 28/06/2020 11:59 pm

    What's this about?

    The NSW Government wants to support our nightlife’s recovery after COVID-19 restrictions are eased, and create a vibrant and safe 24-hour economy with risk-based liquor laws that support business.

    The Liquor Amendment (24-hour Economy) Bill 2020 is part of the second stage of our 24-hour economy liquor law reforms. It includes proposed liquor law changes, to help our night time economy grow while managing alcohol-related harm.

    Some of the proposed changes aim to:

    • create a new incentives and demerit point system that consolidates three existing sanctions schemes into one integrated approach. The new system aims to incentivise well run venues, minimise violence and reduce serious liquor law breaches
    • support live music and entertainment by removing outdated entertainment conditions on liquor licences, and waiving application fees to change or remove other existing live music conditions
    • continue to align liquor licence and planning processes by:
      • improving the approvals process for small bar licences
      • refining Liquor & Gaming NSW’s regulatory role in noise complaint compliance and enforcement to reduce overlapping responsibilities
    • allow small bars to offer more family-friendly and diverse services to customers, to support small business and encourage use of this lower-risk licence
    • introduce a refined evidence-based approach to help manage the density of licensed premises, and associated risks of alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour, in areas of high venue concentration
    • remove red tape, reduce overlap and improve how the industry is regulated.

    The Bill also enhances same day alcohol delivery regulation. This includes strengthening controls with age verification, to reduce the risk of supply to under 18-year-olds.

    What's happened so far?

    In September 2019, the NSW Parliament Joint Select Committee released its report on Sydney's night time economy.

    In November 2019, the NSW Government released its response to the report PDF, 219.92 KB and announced the changes would be completed in stages.

    On 14 January 2020, the first stage was completed. Key changes included:

    • 1.30am lockout for venues in Sydney CBD removed
    • restrictions on serving custom cocktails, shots and neat spirits after midnight in Sydney CBD removed
    • ‘last drinks’ at venues in Sydney CBD extended to 3.30am
    • opening hours for bottle shops across NSW extended to midnight Monday to Saturday and 11pm on Sunday
    • patron capacity for small bars across NSW increased to 120.

    In February 2020, the NSW Government announced it would develop a 24-hour Economy Strategy.

    While these initiatives were progressing, Liquor & Gaming NSW also consulted on proposed laws to regulate same day alcohol delivery. The feedback received was considered and incorporated into the draft Bill. More information is on the Liquor & Gaming website.

    Consultation on the Liquor Amendment (24-hour Economy) Bill 2020 took place in May and June 2020.

    Next steps

    The consultation on the Liquor Amendment (24-hour Economy) Bill 2020 is now closed.

    The feedback received was carefully considered before the Bill was finalised. The final Bill has been introduced to Parliament, so key reforms can be implemented to support business once COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted.

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    During this consultation we received 296 submissions, 253 have been made publicly available with private information redacted where necessary. The remaining 43 were confidential and have not been published.

    All the submissions made during the consultation have been read, considered and helped shape the Liquor Amendment (24-hour Economy) Bill 2020.

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