Data Analytics Centre

The NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC) collaborates with Government agencies and approaches complex, stakeholder-oriented problems through the provision of the following services:

Data science

Apply analytics and data science approaches to realise the potential of data to improve customer outcomes

  • Lead on Commonwealth and cross-jurisdictional data coordination
  • Provide stewardship for linked data assets
  • Provide capability and support for agency-led projects
  • Inspire widespread adoption of analytics and data science
  • Support policy and service development and delivery using machine learning, automation and Artificial Intelligence.


Build a strong data culture and promote the release, sharing and use of data to contribute to better customer outcomes

  • Maintain Data.NSW, including enhancing data discoverability, enabling user feedback and publishing data stories and case studies
  • Provide data strategy, policy, guidance, and tools to support release, sharing and use of data
  • Provide support on data governance, including on privacy, security and ethics
  • Build a strong data culture and enhance data capability across government
  • Coordinate the Data Champions Network and undertake public engagement and data events.


Provide world class capability for data science and analytics, safe data sharing and data search and discovery

  • Provide secure and strongly governed data infrastructure
  • Enable automated discovery of government data
  • Provide research, analytics and insights tools and virtual workspaces
  • Provide data visualisation capabilities
  • Provide self-service analytics.

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