Data Analytics Centre

The Data Analytics Centre uses data to improve health and well-being, safety, social, economic and environmental outcomes for the people of NSW.

The use of data analytics has the potential to deliver innovation in the quality of services by revealing new perspectives on existing issues.

The centre uses four approaches to complex problems:

Data analytics

  • data science techniques to deliver insights to agencies to support policy development
  • agile delivery teams performing analytics across multiple agencies using best-in-class visualisation tools
  • modelling techniques including machine learning and deep learning.

Collaboration hub

  • actively shares insights with agencies on data analytics and data science
  • works closely with the Information and Privacy Commission and Customer Service to enable whole of government data sharing.

Managed hub solutions

  • delivering analytical services for agencies including ingestion, transformation, storage, sharing and visualisation.

Ideation and innovation

  • helping government harness ideas from industry and test them before committing to operational implementation
  • using design thinking for an iterative process to identify alternative solutions.


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You can view more information online at: Data Analytics Centre

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